Saving money on your travel medications

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun – scheduling tours, seeing friends and family, or just experiencing another part of the world for a change.  One needs to consider airfare, finding the right accommodations, and think about the schedule, right?  But there’s one more thing many people simply forget – ensuring that they have all their medication available and up to date when traveling.  This is important while traveling anywhere, but particularly so if going overseas.

With a little thinking ahead and smart packing, it is easy to stay healthy and enjoy the vacation.  And, with these smart tips and suggestions, one can even save a little money on travel medications, so take note.

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Preparing to pack

An illness in the middle of a vacation or business trip can ruin the entire time and cost quite a bit of money if you need to source certain medications while away.  So, even before you start thinking about what clothes and shoes to bring, it is important to consider medication needs and get those taken care of right away.  An easy way to get started is by organizing a health kit to throw in the suitcase.  This kit contains both prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs that one uses to treat minor problems – what is included depends entirely on the length of travel, the destination, and one’s own healthcare needs.

It isn’t practical to pack the entire medicine cabinet, so here are some basic over-the-counter medications you may want to include; anti-diarrhea medication, antihistamines, anti-motion sickness medication, pain medication and fever reducers, mild laxatives, antifungal ointment and cream, and antibacterial ointment and cream.  It wouldn’t hurt to include some bandages (especially if one is prone to blisters from walking), tweezers, and lip balm to prevent chapped lips.

Prescription medications should also be included in the health kit – and be sure to bring a little extra in case of any travel delays – so be sure to see the doctor to ensure that all prescriptions are up-to-date and learn how to deal with different time zones, if they are a concern.  If traveling overseas, it is important to get an official letter from the doctor stating the need for the medication as well as to make copies of the prescriptions; otherwise there may be problems in customs.  Be sure to leave a copy of the prescriptions at home with a friend or family member as well.  It may also be a good idea to make a list of all medications, what conditions they treat, and any generic or brand names in case of an accidental loss of medications so that replacements can be found more easily.


Shopping online for essential medications

Before you embark on any travel, it is worth considering shopping online for your medication – it is often cheaper than using the local pharmacy with easy refills and quick delivery. There are a number of online venues such as Canada Internet Pharmacy, among others, that offer convenience, privacy, and safeguards of traditional pharmacies without the hassle or high pricing.  For many people, there are a number of advantages to buying their prescription medications online, one of which is the ease of use – one doesn’t have to leave home or the office to make the purchase; it is a simple online transaction, much like shopping for anything else.

Online pharmacies also allow shoppers to participate in comparative shopping across many different sites to find the best price, which allows them to save a significant amount of money.  Additionally, there is often easier access to written information about each medication and references to other medical sources, which is not as easy to come by at the neighborhood pharmacy.  Just remember, don’t forget to include shipping expenses and to allow sufficient time for delivery if buying medications online before a long trip!