Best Cruise Ports of Call for Beach Lovers

If you’re planning a cruise holiday then it’s probably safe to say that you’re partial to the sun and the sea. While you’ll get plenty of those onboard your luxury cruise ship, it’s the shore visits that really stand out when it comes to soaking up the rays and enjoying the surf. Here are some […]

Top 5 reasons to Holiday in Qatar

Oil, sand, shopping malls, Persian Gulf and natural reserves; this is how the majority of people in the world would define this small Western Asian country called Qatar. Occupying the small Qatar peninsula on the North Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is considered as one of the richest countries in the world by Forbes […]

Best Value Hotels in Tunisia

Tunisia has been in the news extensively since early 2011 when protests there led to the Arab Spring, a movement of popular revolts against autocratic governments across the Middle East. Since then, the country has taken its first steps towards genuine democracy, making it an exciting place to visit. While no one can guarantee the […]