BOOK A LAST MINUTE DEAL Most people prefer booking their holidays earlier for better deals but last minute deals could also save you a great deal of money. This is because sometimes planes or cruises may not have sold off all their tickets by the time they intend to travel and nobody likes to send […]

Benefits of an all-inclusive holiday

All-inclusive ‘package’ holidays have always been a popular holiday choice for holidaymakers and they haven’t lost their appeal. If anything, they’re getting more popular, with more and more types of holidays and accommodation – from family resorts to high end hotels – offering all-inclusive options. There’s always a multitude of cheap all-inclusive holidays available online […]

Umbria: Italy’s Green Heart

Rolling green hills, expansive vineyards, olive groves, and wildflowers—the Italian countryside is a beautiful place, and spending some quality time exploring it is a very worthwhile pursuit. And while Tuscany can have too many foreign visitors for some purists’ liking, there are some excellent alternatives where you can still experience more of the authentic lifestyle. […]

Discover a World of Wonder

There are few places in the world that can be counted as paradise. The Indian Ocean islands, the Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef – all aquatic wonders with white sand and brilliant blue sea. Unfortunately, these dream destinations come with a price to match, however there is one place that’s as close to paradise as you’ll […]

Top 5 reasons to Holiday in Qatar

Oil, sand, shopping malls, Persian Gulf and natural reserves; this is how the majority of people in the world would define this small Western Asian country called Qatar. Occupying the small Qatar peninsula on the North Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is considered as one of the richest countries in the world by Forbes […]

Top Singapore Sites for Family Fun

While it’s difficult to go wrong with international holidays, some cities manage to stand out above others as great places to visit, especially when dealing with the added complexity of traveling with small children. Due to its modern construction, plethora of attractions, friendly populace, and a myriad of other factors, Singapore has emerged as a […]