4 Things To See In Peru

Peru is a place of rich history and culture and it is one of those special places in the world that you absolutely must visit at least once in your life (and hopefully more), especially if you are lucky enough to get the chance to go on a South America Tour. This article will give […]

Making the most of your money on an Inca Trail tour

Although the Inca Trail is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in the world, the cost of travelling to Peru can be off-putting if you’re on a tight budget for your holiday. While seeing Machu Picchu in all its glory from the famous Sun Gate is something you can’t really put a monetary value […]

A guide to the history of the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail – and its destination Machu Picchu – is undoubtedly one of the most iconic attractions in Peru. Thousands of people walk along this route every year, but many know little of its history before they set out on their journey of discovery. We’re going to tell you a bit more about the […]