Top 5 reasons to Holiday in Qatar

Oil, sand, shopping malls, Persian Gulf and natural reserves; this is how the majority of people in the world would define this small Western Asian country called Qatar. Occupying the small Qatar peninsula on the North Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is considered as one of the richest countries in the world by Forbes magazine. True, the country is devoid of some of the attributes that we generally associate with beautiful countries of the world but still, there is a lot to this Arab state that is enough to convince you to make Qatar your next Holiday destination.

In this article I will discuss 5 of the biggest attractions that this country has to offer in terms of tourist attractions.

1)      Doha

We start of with the capital of the country, Doha. The shinning Jewel of Qatar, the city of Doha is considered as a cultural Hub of Asia as due to modernization, expatriates from all over the world have settled in the city. This influx of expatriates has created an amalgam of world cultures. The City’s world famous shopping malls welcome tourists, dazzle them with their glamour and modernity. The Corniche has the potential to capture visitor’s imagination with picturesque architecture and the dazzling view of the harbor leaves everyone in awe. Doha is very much a futuristic city and if you want to take a peak into where the world is headed then this is the city for you.

2)      The Emir GCC Camel Race

Camel race is something that is exclusive only to this part of the world and let’s just say that you don’t want to be anywhere other than in the Al Far racetrack in Al Shahaniya during the month of April when the Emirs Camel Race is held. The Race is a world renowned event and attracts huge crowds not only from within Qatar but from the rest of the world as well. The winner of the race gets a golden sword and the spectators get ever lasting memories of this one of a kind event.


3)      National Pure Arabian Horse Show

Even if you have no interest in this part of the world, still you surely would have heard of the Arabian Horses once or twice in your life. Well, Qatar is Famous in the world for these Horses and each year a horse show is organized where some of the most beautiful horses in the world are show cased. This event attracts large crowds as it is one of its kind in the world.

4)      Culture

The culture of this country is pretty much the same as all the other Arabian countries. For those of you who don’t know, Arabian culture is one of the oldest in the world and to witness it first hand is an experience you don’t want to miss.


5)      The deserts and the beaches

There are very few countries in this world where you will find such diversity in climate and Geography as you can find in Qatar. The country has some of the most vast deserts in the world as well as some of the most exotic beaches you will find anywhere in the world.

So you see, even if you are not interested in shopping malls or modern architecture, Qatar still has a lot to offer in terms of Holiday attractions.

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